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Review Of Winshield Washer Fluids

Clear vision is necessary when driving your car around. Sometimes extreme weather conditions render visibility to almost null. This raised the creation of windshield washer fluids. These washer fluids work to ensure that the windshield is clear and prevents other fluids from freezing or sticking on the windshield.

Controls within the car spray the washer fluid on the windshield. This is made possible by use of an electrical pump through jets which are mounted on the wiper blades. Upon spraying the washer fluid, the windshield wipers are turned on automatically to wipe off the dirt from the windscreen. This can also be applied to the back window to clean it as well. In colder areas, the fluid may be warmed before being sprayed on the windshield. This is helpful as it will totally eliminate the need to scrape off the layer of the ice which may have accumulated on the windshield. Before buying any, it is important to do a review of wind washer fluids before settling for one.

The qualities of the washer fluids are;

High methanol quantity

hgghghghghgDriving during winter can be very difficult. This is because water freezes on your windscreen and subsequently hampers visibility. Methanol is necessary to ensure that ice melts quickly. Methanol can be combined with ethylene glycol to help in the prevention of refreezing of ice particles so as to ease the wiping process.

Hydrophobic abilities

Hydrophobic properties in windshield washer fluids help to get rid of any sticky fluid content from your screen. This is necessary to prevent road spray or any other fluids from sticking to the windshield. Some stains are stubborn and cannot be washed away by ordinary washers. One needs to look out for quality windshield washer fluid that has this property.

Anti-freezing properties

Apart from preventing freezing and accumulation of ice particles that prevent visibility, the washer itself should not freeze on the windshield. Some washers are known for sticking on the windshield and creating a thin layer of coat that prevents visibility. Quality windscreen washers should leave the windscreen crystal clear after wiping.

Anticorrosive properties

As much as alcoholic content is good to increase the anti-freezing properties of a washer, it is necessary that the content is regulated to avoid corroding the screen. High alcoholic content in the washer fluid can be harmful not only to the screen but also the storage container and the body of the car. It can cause color fading around the bonnet area if the washer is regularly used. The effect of alcohol content on rubber material is also adverse. This may end up affecting the tires.

Environmental concern

ghhgghghghghgMany liters of this fluid are used every year, and this has led to concerns about air and water pollution. For instance, methanol vapor is toxic when inhaled. Another concern raised is the presence of high alcoholic content in the fluids which may end up damaging other parts of the vehicle. Ethanol and methanol have corrosive effects on the paint and car wax on the car. There has been an attempt in the recent past to use organic products that are eco-friendly so as to reduce the effects of methanol and ethanol to the environment.