A mans hand fixing an engine of a car

Car maintenance tips for beginners

You don’t have to be an auto mechanic to take care of your car. There are simple tips that you can take to keep your car in good condition. By keeping your car in good condition, you will save yourself from taking unnecessary trips to the mechanic. You will be surprised to know that most of the car problems can be solved through early diagnosis. To take care of your car, auto mechanic tutorials will be of great help. You will also need to buy some tools to help you with the diagnosis in case of a problem

Car care tips

Regular engine oil change

The engine is an important part of the car, and it is important to take good care of the engine. One of the ways of taking care of the engine is by keeping the engine fresh. After some time, it is advisable to drain the oil and replace it with fresh engine oil. Dirty engine oil tends to interfere with moving parts of the engine, and this causes damage. The levels of the oil should also be kept well at the recommended level.


Keep the moving parts lubricated

The moving parts of the car are susceptible to friction, and this means that they should be lubricated at all times. Due to friction, the moving parts are likely to be exposed to tear and wear. To keep the moving parts in good condition, keep parts like the ball bearing lubricated at all times.

Protect your car from extreme weather

It is important to park your car in the shade away from extreme sunlight. Extreme sunlight is likely to interfere with your paint and also the interior parts of your car. To keep your protected, you can use UV protectant and window deflector screen. This will keep your car in good condition even in extreme weather conditions.

Wax your car regular

To maintain the shade of your car paint, it is important to regularly wax your car. The layer of wax will make sure that your car paint doesn’t fade during winter or even summer. The wax will also keep your car looking new at all times. It is recommended to wax your car every six months.


Keep your car clean

As much as washing the exterior of the keeping is important for aesthetic purposes is important. It is also essential to clean the interior parts of the car. This is a good way to remove the old grease that is still stuck to the car.