For most people, a motorbike is fast becoming one of the most popular modes of transport. That has not come as a surprise; compared to a car, a motorcycle is quite practical. It allows you to easily maneuver through cities with heavy traffic. Additionally, the cost and maintenance are relatively lower than that of the car. If you just bought a motorcycle and all you want it to serve you for a considerable length of time, taking care of your motorbike is important.

Bike maintenance tips

Change the oil

1wasdedrJust like what you do with your car, one of the most important things you need to do is to change the oil of your bike. It is recommended you do this after every 5000KM or 10000, depending largely on the model of bike you own. Oil plays a very crucial role, and if you go for a longer period before changing it, that will cause further damage to the engine. Sadly, this problem cannot be noticed early, and you could learn of it when the damage has already been done.

Check the brake pad

It is crucial you do this, especially before you go for those long rides because your life depends on them. Depending on how you drive and the city you live in, it is advisable you have the brake pads checked after ever 8000KM or 10000KM. If you notice they have become thinner than 2mm or even less, it is time to change them before it gets really dangerous.

Keep the chain well lubricated

This is a moving part and if it is not kept well lubricated at all times, the amount of tear and wear it can go through is massive. Plus, cumulative wear can make the chain loose, and that will make it fall off. This can be dangerous. So have it tightened as stipulated on the manual and bear in mind that too tight is even more dangerous than too loose.

Check the tires

qwedrsdChecking the tires once a week should become a habit. If there is a total change with the way your bike handles, have the tires changed. It does not even stop; make sure the pressure is adequate. It is important you do this for under inflated tires can overheat and fail. Over inflated will also offer less grip and that can be dangerous