Cowtown Cruisers

Fort Worth Area P.T. Cruiser Enthusiasts

The Cowtown Cruisers Car Club was established in 2002 by a group of PT Cruiser enthusiasts. The club was created to provide a means for people who have an interest in PT Cruisers to socialize and have fun together with people that live in Fort Worth and the surrounding area.

You donít have to own a radically modified PT Cruiser to be a member of our club. We have members that own stock PT Cruisers, slightly modified PT Cruisers, and even completely customized Cruisers! You donít even have to own a PT Cruiser to be a member; you just need to have a fondness for the PT Cruiser and a desire to be around people that feel the same way.

Our main objective is to plan activities that provide a casual and friendly atmosphere for club members to socialize together. Each month we plan at least one activity for our members, to provide them with a place to meet with club members and have fun together. These activities include Meet and Greets at different restaurants in the area, cruises to various points of interest, participating in car shows and any other activities that members feel would be fun.

We also keep our members informed of activities planned by other PT Cruiser Car Clubs in our area or in neighboring states. Our activities are open to all PT Cruiser enthusiasts; check our calendar for upcoming events and come join us in the fun.

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We'd love to have you as a member. To join Cowtown Cruisers, simply download our membership application by clicking on the PT Cruiser

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